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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swearing-In and Site!

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. I finished up all my final projects, took my final language exam and packed up my room. The week was a roller coaster of emotions. I was so excited to get out to site and start working and living on my own but at the same time I have made some amazing friends here and I was so sad to leave them. My San Luis group hosted a good bye dessert party last Sunday for all of our families. Then on Thursday night the families made us all dinner together. My host mom said some "palabras" to the group that almost made me cry. Melissa's host dad talked about how we are all human beings and there are no borders between us. It was really nice and I could tell how much our families enjoyed having us the last 3 months.

Friday was the official swearing-in ceremony. The US Ambassador, Stephen MacFarland, came and swore us in and gave a speech. He gave us some advice- never lose our curiosity of the world. I will take that to heart with me out here in site. A bunch of other people gave speeches and then we received our diplomas! It was all very exciting. It is hard to believe I have had this goal for so long and I am a real volunteer! After the ceremony we all headed to Antigua and went out to the bars and dancing. It was a fabulous night spent with some fabulous friends.

Saturday I got on a camioneta/chicken bus and headed as far as the Huehue state capital for the night. Then Sunday I arrived in my site but I had to sleep in Cathleen's site because I had no food and no bed or anything. Yesterday Becca and I came over to my new house and cleaned most of it and got it "ready." We ate dinner with my host family and also made a bunch of tortillas and I must say I am getting better at it! Later we went to bed and we still had to sleep on the cold, wet cement floor last night. This is real Peace Corps.

Today I have just been hanging around my house and people keep dropping by. Most of the people speak some Spanish but a lot do not. I had a whole conversation with a lady with me speaking Spanish and her speaking kanjobal and I have no idea what went on. I think this is how it will be for a while. I also started painting the inside of my house. Two walls are purple now and I am going to do the other two green. Still no word on whether or not I am going to get a latrine! My fingers are crossed! So far one day down...729 more to go!

This is my FBT group "Equipo Mono" (team monkey) and the Ambassador happened to be standing there talking to us when we wanted to take our traditional monkey shot so he just joined in! This guys is AWESOME!

The whole San Luis Family. (Kim sadly decided to go home early and she will be greatly missed)

My San Luis group with our Program Director Basilio.

Me receiving my diploma.

Some of my best friends here! Shannon, me, Lindsay, Susie, Sabiha and Sam

Out at the Antigua bars- Tony, Peter, Megan, Dirk

Me, Melissa and Mary...with Lindsay in the background

Lindsay, Me, Melissa P and Brittany...the first people I met in the Peace Corps! Airport buddies!

My bed the first night in my house

All of mine and Becca's stuff and Becca heading to bed after cleaning all day.


  1. Congratulations Kel! You guys look great!

  2. So in your new location do you live with a host family or have your own place?--Kaity