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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here are some more pics of my home and some of the kids in my huge extended host family:

My host grandmother, Magdalena, bringing in the pig. She speaks almost no Spanish and speaks to me in K'anjobal like I understand it perfectly.

The part on the left is the corner of my house. The house in the distance is my "host family." The field there is where I play soccer with the kids...with sheep and streams and all sorts of obstacles

My little house. It used to be the kitchen of the bigger part of the house on the left. I only live in the one room though.

Looking out from my front porch as the clouds start rolling in. I literally live high up in the clouds

Tico and Fermin...two kids from my host family. Fermin is at my house everyday all day.

More of life in the clouds...

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  1. I was wondering why you changed the name of your blog and now I see why:-) So fitting! I love the pictures and those little kids are so cool. It looks really pretty and green there! I want to come visit because I am sure the pictures dont do it justice!