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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Cultural

This weekend I went to visit my friend Claire who lives outside of the Huehue, the state capital of Huehuetenango. I took little Lubu too so she can see the vet and get her first set of vaccinations. She is all of 4.5 pounds and has mange. UGH! The vet gave her some medicine to get rid of it and she should be fine soon. However her little tummy did not like the medicine and she threw up in Claire’s hands later that night. So sad. I am just glad this will get rid of the worms and fleas and lots of other nasty doggie diseases.

I also finally visited some ancient Mayan ruins! I feel somewhat guilty that I have been in Guatemala for 4 months now and these are the first ruins I have visited. Claire and I went to the ruins of Zaculeu located right outside the city. The United Fruit Company was responsible for doing some “restoration” in the 1940’s…aka covering all the ruins in cement. We were thinking they would not be that impressive but we both thought they were great! I could see the whole city layout from the top of the largest tower. We took a bunch of pics and it was a gorgeous day. I love history and I have studied the ancient Mayan civilization extensively in college so it was awesome to finally see some of the things I have studied.

I really had a relaxing and chill weekend with Claire and the doggies (she has a puppy too!). However, this weekend involved a little too much vomit. First, I was crammed into a seat with a lady on the 4 hour trip down to Huehue on Friday and she clearly did not feel well. I do not know why she did not just open the window next to her but she didn’t and she puked on me! Mostly I just got the splatter was it was nasty! Then this afternoon on my trip home little Lubu also did not feel well. She slept most of the trip but I do not know if it was car sickness or still a reaction from her vaccinations but she also threw up on me. Luckily she is so small and it wasn’t much. Other than a little vomit I had a fabulous weekend and I look forward to the next time I get to relax with my friends!

Me on top!

The big structure

Claire looking like a model

soooo excited!

The white part on top is the obvious covering of cement done in the 1940s

We got to play all over the ancient ruins :)

Claire and me in front of some of the ruins!

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