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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I got a puppy! It wasn't one of those spur of the moments, I am sad and lonely and want a puppy. No, I have wanted my own pup for quite some time now. I brought little Lubu home this afternoon after a few complications. Cathaleen got another puppy from the same litter on Sunday and told the family I would be back to get one too. I really wanted a girl and there was a girl and a boy left. I fell in love with the girl right away. The family said I could just have her so I left with her and went to visit another family in the small village. While I was at that family's home a lady came and told me that the girl had already been sold so I couldn't have her. I was really sad as little Lubu has been sleeping in my arms the last 30 minutes. I didn't want it to be an issue so Cathleen took little Lubu back and brought me the boy. The boy was also cute but I really wanted a girl. After another 30 minutes I was about to leave with the boy and then the same lady said she talked to the boy who bought the dog and he said I could have the girl and he would take the boy. At this point I didn't even care. They kept playing games with my heart! In the end I left with the girl and now Lubu is sound asleep in her bucket bed. I think she may be a bit sick and underfed. I had to hand feed her tonight and she hardly ate. I am hoping she eats more tomorrow. I am just so excited to have a little friend in my life!

If you are wondering where the name came from let me explain. There is a candy bar here named the Bubu Lubu. It is not in every store but somehow it was in the Peace Corps training office vending machine. One day my friend Sam and I were SO hungry but neither of us had any money. We look in the machine and the absolute cheapest thing is this Bubu Lubu candy bar. We then go on a machine to scrounge up the Q2.50 to get the candy bar. After asking a bunch of people and realizing the machine doesn’t take 10 cent coins we finally got our Bubu Lubu. I don’t know if it tasted so good because we worked so hard to get it or if it actually is good. Now Sam and I are addicted to Bubu Lubus and mostly we just like saying the name really fast a bunch of times in a row. So that is how my little baby girl became Lubu.

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