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Monday, May 24, 2010

Un Cangrejo en la Pila

Saturday we had an unwelcome visitor in our house. At dinner my host dad, Armando, asked me if I had seen what’s in the pila (a pila is a 3 part sink+water storage+dishwashing area). I said no and he said there is a “cangrejo”…a what? A CRAB! I went over and looked and he said it just crawled in there since the night before and it has been in there all day! I never even noticed it and I used the pila at least 5 times during the day. I did not believe him that it just appeared I thought they were playing a joke on me and it was for lunch or something the next day. But then the rest of the family assured me it just climbed in there at night with the heavy rains. They think it came up the drain and found its way to the pila and the water there. Armando scooped it out and put it in a pot with a lid and put a big rock on the top so it doesn’t get out. They also told me it has happened before and sometimes they get turtles in the pila too. This by far has been the most random experience since I’ve been in Guatemala. I expected crazy bus rides and getting lost and cold showers but a crab in the pila!?!!! Never. LOVE it!!!

Yesterday was a “free day” by Peace Corps rules. During training we are not allowed to leave our communities on our free time (lots of lovely PC rules…grr) except on certain days. Kim and I met up with some other chicas from different groups in the morning and we just hung around Antigua. We walked everywhere and ate some delicious food. I had an amazing veggie burger on a bagel for lunch (not so Guatemalan I know) and tried the famous Gallo Beer. It was not so good…I’m going to have to wait two years until my return to the Pacific Northwest for some good beer. Next time I’ll check out the wine situation in Guatemala…hopefully more promising. Mostly I just had a fantastic time hanging out with my friends. Training is so go-go-go and everything in our lives is scheduled by PC so it was nice to relax and do what we wanted. It was also great because I feel like I am finding some really amazing friends. We are all very different but same in a lot of ways too. It’s just nice to find friends I connect with. One month down and all is still going well. Let’s hope the “Honeymoon Phase” doesn’t wear off anytime soon.


  1. Beer advice (which is really important, obviously): First, drink Moza when you can. If your only choice is Gallo, add some salt and lemon and it tastes a lot better.

  2. CRAZY! I can't believe you didn't notice there was a crab in there! Let us know how the wine is :)