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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guate City...Not for Me

Yesterday we went into Guatemala City for the day. The purpose of the trip was get to know the city in case we need to go there for a medical emergency or something of that sort. We took the camioneta in and then got a taxi once in the town. We are only permitted to use a certain taxi company becasue the other companies are not reputable and have a history of bad incidents. We took a yellow taxi to see the US Embassy and the hospital. The city was huge and kind of dirty and really I'm not a fan. I much more prefer the smaller cities where you can see the beautiful green mountains.

Also today was another common session. I love Tuesdays becasue I get to see all the other trainees. I like my group of 5 but at the same time its always nice to see new people. Also people have been starting to get packages (HINT HINT)!!!! I am a huge fan of peanut butter M and Ms and face wash. haha! But really I would love to get any type of mail from you guys! My address is at the very bottom of my blog!


  1. You can get peanut products in Guatemala? Are you sure they dont make you open the package in front of them and then take it away if there are any peanuts? lol

  2. Haha, love Samantha's post! Glad to hear you aren't hating it there! I love reading your blog posts, I'm living vicariously through you! Also, I'm working on a letter, so keep a look out for that!