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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I found out this week that I will be leaving the end of April 2010 and will be a Rural Home Preventative Health Technician in Guatemala. I am very excited to go to Guatemala as that was one of my top choices (if I had any say in it...which I didn't). I don't leave for another 3 months but already I want to start packing and getting prepared! Also I can finally give people a definite answer when they ask me "O the Peace Corps! Where are you going? When do you leave?" Considering I answered that at least once a day for the past 5 months it is nice to finally move on to a different answer to that same question.

As anxious as I am to venture off into Central America I am also struck with huge amounts of fear due to the massive invitation packet I received. I have read though most of the materials now and I find a few reoccurring items: I need to get en confianza with my community in order to assist them, the first year will NOT be easy but the 2nd year makes all the frustration and tears worth it, and this experience will undoubtedly change my life. From the time I learned about the Peace Corps and its mission I knew I would one day be a part of it. It sounds so cheesy but I simply feel it "is my calling." I am finally as the point where I have climbed all the necessary steps to be a volunteer and I now must just take a leap of faith and jump into my service. And I am so looking forward to that jump.

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