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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Out!

I am finally done with my Peace Corps service. After a long week of dealing with all the documents needed to exit Peace Corps and then transfer my VISA from my PC passport to my personal passport I am done. YEAH! I learned getting into Peace Corps is hard...but getting out is even harder. Poop tests...check. Essays...check. Palabras given...check!

Sabiha and I have been enjoying our time attempting to get out of Peace Corps. Everyone with the PC staff has been so gracious and understanding to both of us. The process was made much easier given all their support. I never though I would be leaving this way, but I am.

Now I am off to Honduras for 2 weeks to visit some ruins, the beach and learn to SCUBA dive. Not too shabby! Then my mom will come for a week then I will be back home April 3rd in Boise!

Ooo and I must mention I was also the recent champion of Musical chairs at the hostel...going out with a bang!

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  1. Hi Kelly! Thankyou for all the pictures you have on this website. I miss my town Santa Eulalia. I'm from aldea payconop and i have an uncle who lives in aldea Pet. I hope you like Santa Eulalia. I'm surprised that a gringa lives in Santa Eulalia. i live in Los Angeles CA.