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Monday, February 7, 2011


Ok I am not going to brag or anything but I might just be the coolest and/or luckiest PCV in G-Country (aka Guatemala). I received a phone call from the lady at the Peace Corps office saying I had a package waiting for me. I couldn't think who would send me a package at that address since its 10 hours from my site. I told her I will come and get it in time. No worries, it can't be important. She was very insistent it was important and said it was from the US Ambassador. I assumed it must just be the photo of our group and him from reconnect. She said no, it is a regalito (a little present). Say what!?!? A regalito…I’m excited.

Cathaleen picked up my regalito from the Xela office for me this weekend and it was more of a regalo! It was a cute little Santa wine holder filled with peanut M&Ms, a dog bone for Lubu and earplugs. Also, Ambassador McFarland put in a little note saying he is a fan of this blog! I feel so cool! (“I’m so popular, I’m so cool!” –UD) Who knew I would basically become a celebrity here. I sure had no idea! Kidding!

Long story short…THANKS Ambassador! You still ROCK!

Lubu and me with our Christmas present from the ambassador!

Bubu Lubu

Claire and Cathaleen holding onto Mora "the lap dog"

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