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Friday, December 17, 2010

" But you don't look alike?!?"

My family is here! My sister, Lisa, and her fiancé Rem arrived Sunday night. I took the long bus in to pick them up. We stayed one night in Antigua and then took another long bus back to my site. We arrived in site and of course the children were scared. One grandma even covered the children’s faces when we walked by. I felt like I was back here on my first day. No one can believe that Lisa and I are sisters. We don’t really look alive and never have and for Guatemalans that is a hard concept to grasp. Everyone comments on how they don’t think she is my sister because we are so different. Also, a bunch of community members try to talk to Rem first (because he is the man) but he does not speak much Spanish at all. Family is such an important part of life in Guatemala that I think my village really likes seeing my own family. They wanted to throw us a huge welcome party but I told them that was not necessary. They would not let it go and finally we agreed to have lunch with the community leaders later this afternoon.

I also bought Lisa and Rem to one of my community Charlas on nutrition. Of course the community wanted them to stand up and speak and give some “palabras.” Rem told them all thank you for the welcome and they are happy to be here. All the 100+ women applauded! We only are staying here for a few days and I think my community wishes we would be here the whole time. However, I am ready for a long vacation to some warmer places in Guatemala. I will try to update this a few times while I am gone but no guarantees. So…Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year! I miss you all and wish I could be in the states to see everyone. Take care 

Lisa and me in Antigua

Rem and Lisa in Antigua at some ruins

This is how I travel on buses with my stuff and Lubu

They brought me a pumpkin ale!

My community Charla with my translator

Rem helping me on the nutrition activity with the women.

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  1. Yay!!! I'm so happy Lisa and Rem are there with you right now! I was praying that you would be ok for Christmas, I'm way glad you're not alone! Miss you and hope your time with your sister and soon to be brother. Im writting you a letter this week! Promise Promise! Love & miss you... Ya Ya