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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rumor Mill

Sometimes things happen here and the only thing I can do is laugh. Otherwise I would get really pissed. I found out through a friend’s family that there are rumors going around my town about me. This is no surprise to me because chisme (gossip) is HUGE in Guatemala, especially with the women. Like any small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business. I found out through my sources that some of the indigenous women in my town were in a microbus and were talking about me. Apparently the rumors are that I am dirty. I am dirty because I carry my dog in my arms and I let my dog inside my house. I am also dirty because I don’t sweep inside my house. NOT true! Yes, I hold my dog and let her inside but I actually take care of her and bathe her and check for fleas. I also sweep inside my house every other day. How would these women even know if I swept or not?!?! I mostly find this whole thing funny because, let’s be honest, I AM dirty. I only take a bucket bath once a week because it is too cold to do it more. I pee in a bucket in my house because I do not have a working latrine. I mean I think those things make me “dirty” but I guess everyone has their own standards.


  1. hahahah. At least they are noticing you and paying attention. Means you can model good behavior for them too...or American behavior. Like how we treat animals like they are part of the family. kaity

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  3. Oh dear, dirty girl. :) You know it's only the bad gossip that gets back to you - I'm sure there are people saying and thinking nice things and appreciating your presence in the community too- that just goes under the radar. I think you're wonderful, doing good things and I enjoy your stories - even without a legit latrine.

    Much love!