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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All PCVs are currently on the alert of STANDFAST which means no traveling out of site due to safety reasons. Guatemala is experience torrential downpours right now and has been the last week. More than 30 people have died because of the storms, mostly due to landslides on the roads. The main Inter-American Highway was closed due to a massive mudslide. The geography of this country is basically mountains with a lot of low vegetation which is the perfect formula for mudslides. A few of my friends are stuck in various cities and unable to return back to their sites because their roads have been closed due to the storms and mudslides.

It is all crazy to take in because the last two days here in northern Huehuetenango have been two of the nicest days since I arrived! The sun has been shining, I haven’t needed to put on three sweaters and I don’t wake up shivering! I am receiving all of these concerning texts and calls from the Peace Corps Office warning us of all the danger with the storms but I am sitting here enjoying a break from the cold and the rain. What is this?!?! However, I should take the warnings seriously. This country cannot handle any more storms. Tropical Storm Agatha did too much damage back in May to have another big storm hit. The infrastructure is simply not sound enough to last another big storm. The bad thing is that it is only the beginning of hurricane season. To everyone in the states that is hearing the news of the damage just know that I am safe and sound!

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