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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Rides

On Monday Kim and I went into Antigua for a meeting with midwives. We got to Antigua but could not find the building where the meeting was to be held. We walked around for a little bit then decided to ask these two policeman who were just sitting in their car. They radioed and got the address and directions. Then they told us just to get in and they would take us. I was VERY skeptical but we needed to get there and it was light out and I wasn't alone. So the police drove us through Antigua to the building. The whole time they just kept hitting on us. They asked where our boyfriends were and called us dolls and told us multiple times we are beautiful. Then they asked us what we were doing on Saturday and if we wanted to go to a party with them....HELL NO! I was very creeped out by this point but luckily we arrived and I high tailed it out of there! Note to self...I probably shouldn't accept rides from cops!

Other than that nothing too exciting to report from here. I leave today for San Francisco El Alto, Totonicapan for a 4 days visit to a volunteer. I am going with Susie!!! YEAH! We are watching the end of the US World Cup game then we are off to figure out the camioneta! I love public transportation here. Hopefully no one will be sitting on my lap for 4 hours. I'll update on the trip when I get back!

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